There’s kind of a lot to me, and about 90% of it contradicts the rest. I’m a 21 year old young lady, sometimes I can’t wait to settle down, get married, & start a family, and the rest of the time I’m more concerned about what kind of alcohol I’m going to drink this weekend. I grew up in a small town in central MN, & now I am venturing about the beautiful city and campus of University of Minnesota Duluth. I really love it here.
I left home with every intention of becoming a lawyer, & finishing my degree at Bemidji State. Man am I opinionated, & dang do I like to argue, but now, a blink of an eye later & I’m on track to becoming a high school Chemistry teacher, graduating from UMD & I couldn’t be more excited about it.
In my spare time (the little that there is) you can find me hanging out with friends, doing sorority stuff, scuba diving, daydreaming, reading a novel, jamming out to some tunes, drinking a craft beer, or somewhere outside doing something in the sun or water. I’d classify myself as an awkward nerd, but I’m also a socialite in it’s most basic definition.
Aside from being awkward I am also described as quirky by my closest friends, & I try to embrace it in all of its glory. I like sushi, word puns, Margaritas, & philosophical conversations. I use way too many commas, & I really love bad jokes.

Currently the 10 year plan is to go to school, be a waitress, have really fun nights that I sometimes don’t remember, study abroad, make memories, explore the world, & then end up somewhere in rural Alaska or Hawaii or Arizona. Teach in one of those places for a few years, & then move back to settle down in Northern Minnesota to start a family. There’s no place like the North Shore.

Theres isn’t much that I am sure about & I won’t pretend to have life figured out, but one thing I do know in my core is that there is a higher power out there. Believe in whomever or whatever you want, but there is someone out there that created this amazing universe and beautiful world we live in. And because of that someone, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Everything.
We all have good days, & we all have really really bad days, I’d like to say that the good out number the bad in my life, & when I’m at my happiest you’ll probably find me dancing (really bad dancing), in a pool, or standing on the shores of Superior.
Chemistry is what fascinates me, but I’ve always loved to write, so this is my blog, about my mess of a life as I make my way through my 20’s here in Northern Minnesota.

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