Dunedin to Queenstown

When Kaitlyn & I woke up yesterday (Sunday) we went to a place called Tunnel Beach with two of her friends, Leah & Angela. In order to get to tunnel beach we took about a twenty minute bus ride, & once we got off the bus we walked about 30 minutes to the ocean front.

What a view. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.


Our time at tunnel beach was limited because we bought tickets for a Brewery tour. Speights is New Zealands largest brewery, & the Speights location in Dunedin is the largest on the South Island! The 2011 earthquake in Christchurch took out the Christchurch location, & Dunedin picked up the slack.
The tour was mint (prime/awesome/on point). It lasted about an hour & went through the history of beer in the world, Speights beer, & ended with a half hour all you can drink “tasting”. Yum. Their 5 Malt Dark beer was good, but The Brewhouse’s Beaver Bay Brown still has my heart.
After the tour we were quite exhausted so we walked back to Kaitlyn’s house stopping at some shops along the way, & getting some take away pizza.
We basically relaxed, ate food, & watched shameless for the rest of the night. For the record, this was exactly the kind of night I needed, as the last 3 weeks have been pretty go go go. We did however go out at around 9pm to get real fruit ice cream/yogurt. & man was it good. I got a raspberry yogurt, & it’s the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had, raspberry chunks & all.
This morning (Monday) Kaitlyn woke up to go to Uni, & I hung out at her place while my laundry dried, so that I could pack up my things.
*Side note: Let this be the official record that I will never use a suitcase again. If it doesn’t fit in my 50L backpack, it doesn’t need to come with.
After I had showered & repacked my luggage, (Man did I overpack for this trip.) Kaitlyn returned from class & we walked around the botanical gardens. The gardens were beautiful & also had an aviary we could walk through.
Unfortunately [most] good things come to an end, & that includes my time in Dunedin. I’m currently writing from a coach bus that is bringing me from Dunedin to Queenstown where I will be spending the next three days before I’m off to Christchurch, & then Sydney, Australia.
Kaitlyn walked me part way to my bus stop before going to her next class, we bid farewell & I continued on my way to the bus station. I’m so thankful that I was able to visit her while in New Zealand! It was a great weekend, & it was fun to see the place she studies, & meet some of the people she spends her time with.
*Side note: if you’ve been thinking about studying abroad (or traveling) in New Zealand, or anywhere for that matter, stop thinking & just do it. It’s amazing. If you’re worried about the money, a wise woman once told me that your 20’s are the best time in life to be broke. Maddy was right, I don’t regret a dime I’ve had to spend on this trip. It’s been too incredible, & money can always be made.
The view on my bus ride has been awesome as we progress westerly across the country we have gone from rolling hills with sheep everywhere (like most of NZ) to beautiful mountains with mountains & rivers cutting in-between. Oh & snow. Damm that white stuff, I thought I was rid of it.
Upon arrival in Queenstown I checked into my hostel & got settled. One of my hostel mates actually has a friend studying his Phd at Goat Island Marine Reserve, which is where we stayed for the last 2.5 weeks! Small world!
For dinner I met up with & old friend that I know both from summer camp in middle school & Bemidji State. Ryan & I walked around the city center & then got Fergburger (famous burger joint). Per my trying to eat less meat, I got a fried tofu burger, & it sure was tasty!
For now I’m just chilling at my hostel planning tomorrows adventures. Since my bus got in after dark today, I’m looking forward to stepping outside tomorrow & being “wowed” by Queenstown.
Since I’ve forgotten to do them for a few days here’s another translation:
Flipflops = Jandals

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