A piece of home, in a land far, far, away.

This morning I rose at 4:00am in order to catch a 4:30 shuttle to the airport. I was set to fly from Auckland to Dunedin, & luckily my excitement made it quite easy to wake up so early.

It was a pretty quick flight, most of which I spent alternating between reading & a state of unconsciousness. Upon arrival in Dunedin I easily found my shuttle which dropped me off at Kaitlyn’s front door on Castle Street.

Castle street is hoppin’. & that’s no exaggeration. Filled with international college students it seems as though theres always a party going on. As I’m writing this (11:12pm) I can hear the bass thumping across the street, & the mulling about of college students… I mean, Uni students.

Today was fun exploring the city center of Dunedin with Kaitlyn. First off, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, so it was great to catch up, & meet some of her friends.

We started off by grabbing some Mcdonalds & checking out an old bookstore/antique shop with Kaitlyn’s kiwi friend Taylor. Afterwards we headed back to Kaitlyn’s flat, I had a shower, & we got ready to explore the city center. The city center is modeled after another city in Scotland, called Edinburgh, & is in the shape of an octagon. Even all of the street names are the same!

First, we walked through the campus of The University of Otago, where Kaitlyn is studying. The campus is quite beautiful, & because it is autumn here, feels very similar to the beginning of the school year in Minnesota.


We explored a church that had beautiful stained glass windows.


As well as a train station, & the near by Chinese Gardens.

*disclaimer: we didn’t even pay to enter the Gardens, we just walked in, took a picture, & left.



At the train station there was an open art gallery going on, so we also took a peak at that! There was lots of very beautiful artwork on display, but unfortunately being traveling students, far far far out of our price range.


After the train station we walked to the Cadbury Factory for some hot chocolate. YUMMM. This was the most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever had. (:

*side note: this place was exactly like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

After we finished our hot chocolate we headed across town for Baldwin Street, which is home to the worlds steepest residential hill.



We returned home from the hill, & got ready for dinner. We met up with Kaitlyn’s friend Jamie from DC & went to Mac’s Brew Bar for dinner. We started out sitting outside, but got cold so we tried to move inside. We accidentally took a gentlemen’s table, but he was willing to share. Unbeknownst to us, we got to have dinner with the live musician, for some good conversation, good food, & even better beer. He tried explaining the game of rugby to us as we watched the Highlanders play, & his music wasn’t too bad either!


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