E noho ra (goodbye) Leigh

Today we said goodbye to our home for the last two weeks. The people at the Marine Lab were so welcoming to us, & we enjoyed our time there so much, we are sad to leave.

As we left Laura said, “We all have to come back here at some point in our lives.”

& although New Zealand has been an amazing place, I find myself thinking of all the other places there are out there to travel to. Being torn between coming back to an incredible place, & going somewhere new. Truly, when the travel bug bites, it’s hard not to crave to see places you haven’t yet.

Anyway, thankfully, my time in New Zealand isn’t over yet. We left Leigh & made our way to Auckland to drop off some of our group at the airport. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to five of our classmates today, because their flights left a day earlier than ours. Thankfully, I have the chance to explore Queenstown with Emily, Jack, Kelcy, & Ro in a few days, so it was just see-ay-later.

After we dropped them off we continued into the more southern region of the North Island for our second excursion. Our first stop was at the Kiwi House, a bird sanctuary in  Otorohanga. We stopped here because on our original Kiwi hunt, there were a few people that didn’t get to see the unique nocturnal creatures. I saw the first kiwi, so I enjoyed looking at the other birds in the park.


We left the bird park & continued to the Holiday Park we are staying at. Holiday Parks are like a glorified campground with cabins & such. We unpacked, & took advantage of what little daylight we had left by going to a nearby water fall & cave.

When it got dark we ventured back to the Holiday Park & walked to a nearby bar for some fish & chips. After stuffing our bellies with deep fried Dory (the type of fish we ate) we walked back to our cabin, & jumped in the hot tub.

Right now we are chilling out before bed. Tomorrow we are going black water rafting in glow worm caves! All of us are pretty jazzed to explore the Ruakuri caves.

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