The Kiwi life is the life for me.

Today after breakfast 7 of us went to the Local dive shop to get suited for gear & go on our first Scuba Dive off the shore of the reserve.


The dive was amazing. Everything went very smoothly & we were in the water for about 75 minutes! We saw lots of different species including: goat fish, eagle ray, snappers, red moki, spiny lobsters, kina, & others. I enjoyed this dive so much.

The group of seven of us that dove!
Eagle Ray that we saw.
Kelcy & I scuba diving.
Schools of fish.
The group swimming (I’m in the middle).
One of us in the group looking at the school of fish.
Another shot of us swimming, me being in the middle.

Scuba diving is wonderful & I highly suggest it to anyone that is comfortable swimming in water that they can not touch in. There is an entirely unique world under the water. One that not many people get to experience, & today I got to submerge & emerge myself into the fishes home. & my what a beautiful home it is.

While the sting ray, pairs of red moki (a fish that mates for life), snappers,  & lobsters were awesome to see, my favorite part by far was being surrounded by schools of fish. I can not wait to get back under the sea. (Commence Little Mermaid theme song.)

I found myself contemplating dropping out of college & moving to a tropical coast to work at a dive shop. That way I can scuba every day! (Don’t worry Mom, I’m not going to.)

On our way back to the shop after the dive our van ran out of gas when we were only feet from the top of the hill. (I found this funny.) After getting picked up from another shop worker, we rejoined the rest of the group and headed for Pakiri Beach. Our main goal here was to collect some species. We found a flatfish, yellow eyed mullet, crabs, an 11 armed sea star, & various other animals. The tide was very low, so our group was able to collect a bucket full of mussels that will be eaten soon! The species that we collected will be used later this week in the labs, & are currently being kept in tanks.


In this photo I’m pointing at sea anenomies. Unfortunately you can’t see them from this view. Kelsey told me this is my “teacher photo”.
Courtney Anderson this picture is for you because I thought the rock weathering was super cool, but have no idea what caused it geologically speaking, & I think you probably do.


The class gathering mussels.


Megan outdid herself with yet another delicious meal, after which half the group went to set up a lighted night trap for phytoplankton. Tomorrow the other half (my group) will wake up early to retrieve the traps.

Todays translation:

Parkinglot = Car Park

Parking Spot = Car Park

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