Food, ocean, & beer.

Today when we woke up we walked up the hill to catch the sunrise over the ocean before breakfast. Something we will most definitely do again during our stay.


After breakfast we gathered our things & headed to Makatana for the market. At the market there were lots of fresh fruits, cheeses, wines, & all sorts of other foods. I tried muscle fritters (delicous), oysters, & a couple less adventurous treats.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.34.58 AM.png
Mussle Fritters
I also took this touristy photo in front of a sculpture I thought was cool, but was soon told that the cool sculpture was actually a public restroom. Whoops!

We retured to the reserve for lunch & then headed to the local dive shop to get our snorkeling gear. Once back at the reserve we hopped in the water for the first time.

Our group right before getting in the water for the first time.

Unfortunately still due to the cyclone there was too much sediment in the water to see much, but in a few days time the visibility should clear up significantly!

This is what most of my goPro videos look like because the visibility was so poor. Hopefully it gets clearer soon!

After snorkeling we cleaned off & played some cards while waiting for dinner. After yet another delicious dinner we all changed & headed for a local brewery! This made my hear happy, as I thought I would miss being at the Brewhouse while I was gone. (Don’t worry, I’ve been enjoying myself so much I do not think about work AT ALL.) After the Brewery we headed to the Sawmill (a local bar) for a few tequila shots. I could continue with how wild of a night we had, but in truth we were back at the lab by 10, & I passed out quickly.

The flight I got at the Brewery. My favorite was Peach Fuzz, a beer brewed from peaches!

New Zealand –> US translation of the day:

Boot = trunk

Tomorrow we are Kiwi hunting!

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