Airports & Anticipation

Here I am again.

My favorite place.

The one place that truly makes me feel as though I have the entire world at my finger tips. (Because I do)

Reporting to you live from MSP.

The decision to post publicly about my travels is due to 3 main factors, & are as follows:

  1. My friends & family asking for pictures & updates.
  2. The hope that updating this blog will decrease the lame responses I’ll inevitably give when I return to the US & people ask, “How was your trip?”
  3. & Mostly due to the fact that bringing my personal journal along would have been extra lbs. in my suitcase, & that is a luxury I can not afford. (Seriously, it’s like $75 extra for anything over 50lbs worth of luggage.)

With that being said these posts will be important travel updates, random thoughts that I have along the journey, & the occasional rant. Most importantly, as I do with all my blog posts, I will try to include all the sarcasm, nerdy jokes, and abstract thoughts I have so that you may get as close to the experience of traveling with Ori as possible, without you know, actually traveling with Ori.

So, you may ask, how are ya feeling? Are you excited?

Well folks, after months & months of planning, weeks of feeling as though this trip was merely something I could talk about for hours, but vaguely distant & more similar to a dream than real life, it is real life. & I AM PUMPED.

–Side note: I’m a little disappointed in myself because the moment in which this trip became very real to me, & I became very excited was not when I got in the car to go to the airport this morning, it wasn’t the moment at which I realized I forgot my scuba certification in Duluth (yes, I’m an idiot), it was not when I checked my bag, got my boarding pass, or went through security, & it wasn’t when I reached my gate. The first time I felt a true surge of excitement today, was when I posted a flipping’ Instagram photo of myself at the airport & got a bunch of “likes”. If you’re not rolling your eyes yet (you should be) don’t worry, I am rolling my eyes at myself enough for the both of us.

So in the coming month I am looking forward to living a bit more in the moment & a lot less on the inter web.

Other than being annoyed with myself for getting so much self satisfaction from social media, I’m busy licking my fingers to get the dirt off my hiking boots (NZ customs are really picky about outdoor equipment being clean) while I anxiously await the arrival of my plane, so that I can board & begin the first leg of my trip.

Today, Tuesday May 9th, I will be flying from MSP to STL to LAX & finally arriving in Auckland, NZ on Thursday May 11th. Quite the time change, huh? I’m exhausted just thinking about the next 24 hours, 48 hours? Who knows.

The weirdest part about sitting in the Terminal waiting to leave for a month is the idea that I am about to embark on a life changing experience. Life changing experiences happen to people every day, & usually arrive unexpectedly. Anytime that someone embarks on a new adventure we tell them, “That’s going to be the trip of a lifetime.” “It’s going to change your life.”

Well, that’s a lot of pressure don’t ya think? I’m sitting here waiting for a plane, but in a broad aspect I’m waiting for my life to be changed? Don’t get me wrong, there are people all over the world doing a lot scarier things than I am right now. I’m not moving to another country, I’m not getting on a plane preparing for war (or other various things people embark on cross oceanic flights for), but hey, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, & that is where growth happens. So universe, this is my official letter of acceptance, throw at me what you’ve got.

Peace out Duluth, Minnesota, US, I’ll catch you on the flip side.

& hello world.

Okay, that was dramatic,

Hello New Zealand. (:



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