My brain isn’t made of rotten tomatoes, so why should I care about yours?


This was an out of the ordinary thought for me to have on my extremely ordinary and not in the least bit special or unique day that I had. I spent almost my entire day at work (the local DQ). I was bored and trying to find something, anything, to stimulate my mind.

My mind was wondering, and eventually landed on the latest rage among my group of 17-25 year old friends. AKA people that make up my twitter feed. American Sniper.

I can appreciate a heart-wrenching movie about war and brotherhood, and by all means I can appreciate a man in uniform. I have yet to hear a bad thing about this movie, and I am definitely up for going (should someone ask me). This is when my mother (of all people) popped into my head.

Flipping to the other side of this story. I haven’t lived with my mom for the past 5 months, since I started the roller coaster people tend to call college.. First you have to understand that I love my mom. In recent years she has become one of my best friends, and I really do value her opinions. I’ve always been independent, but it’s been different for me since she doesn’t know what I do day to day, or for instance what movie I decided to go to last Friday.

We talk about a vast majority of things, and I listen to ALMOST all of the advice she offers, but NEVER DO I EVER ASK HER ABOUT MOVIES. So, why in gods name did my moms opinion pop into my head when I thought about seeing American Sniper?

My mom, bless her heart, went through a phase where she was obsessed with reading reviews of movies online. I’m not really sure what spiked the interest in the critics who’s opinions she lived by, and I’m not really sure what caused her to stop reading them, or if she still does. I stopped asking a while ago, and here’s why:

My mom would tell me she was interested in going to the theater to see a recently released film, and then she would skirt off to check the showing times. Our family is known for being indecisive, and I’ve learned not to take any tentative agendas too seriously, because we rarely ended up following through with our original plans. Sure enough, moments later she would emerge from the room that our computer is in and tell me she wasn’t going to go to the movie anymore.

However, this seemed odd. It wasn’t so much the hectic plans that changed my moms mind as usual, it was the idea of the movie that she almost instantly lost interest in, so I asked her why. All she said was, “it got bad reviews.” Even if her closest friends and colleagues were raving about a movie, she would read the critics opinions, and almost religiously follow what they said.

I’m an opinionated young lady, and this irritated the bageezus out of me. I mean come on, my mom doesn’t even know these people and she was blindly allowing them to dictate what movies she did or didn’t see! It drove me crazy. She even started looking up the reviews for the movies I was going to with my friends, and offered her “insight” usually without me asking for it. So eventually I told her to stop.

I didn’t like the way critics were labeling a movie as good or bad. Black and white. Yes or no. They never say, “a teenage girl would enjoy this”, or “this movie would suit someone who likes corny comedy”. The reviews aren’t just realistic. One person’s opinion simply can not speak for millions of different people who watch movies every day.

So for god’s sake if you are one of these people who will not even consider going to a movie that got bad reviews, stop. Stop now. Next time you see a preview and you find yourself making plans to go to it, JUST DO IT. Don’t look up the reviews, don’t ask other people what they thought. Just take your impulse and run with it. You might like it, you might not, but who cares. Take a chance, and think for yourself. Use that brain that isn’t made of rotten tomatoes, and create your own opinions. You might even be surprised to find that your favorite movie is one recieving more down votes than approving ratings.

Not everyone will agree on which movies are worth taking the time to watch, and which movies will only lead to two hours of disappointment, but that’s why ratings suck so much. They aren’t tailored to you. So if you are one of those people out there religiously reading which movies got how many Rotten Tomatoes, try stoping. If you can’t, keep it to yourself so the rest of us can enjoy a life without brainwash where we can all enjoy our own ability to create opinions, and enjoy our own interests however popular or unpopular they are.

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